• 2K19 名单修改CE地址列表
  • 2K19 名单修改CE地址列表
  • 2K19 名单修改CE地址列表
  • 2K19 名单修改CE地址列表
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New year, new tables.

This is a continuation of the 2K18 tables thread by CarolusXCI - Link
Thanks a lot to CarolusXCI and everyone else in that thread who contributed.

I set up an array of bytes scan so that the pointer won't have to be looked for with every new roster or game update(hopefully).
It will scan for a few arrays that start a section and then work off of that. So as long as you don't edit the first jersey/team/arena it will all line up right. (I'll look into what to do if you want to edit the 76ers later.)

This is not complete or finished. I would like some suggestions on what to name a few things but for now it has a ton of info available to mess with.

Also I found that some parts of the team sections have addresses that if you follow them back you will see who/what they lead to.
I've been able to swap out head coaches, jerseys, and a bunch of other stuff if you use the right address.
I only added these to the first ~5 teams till I figure out what they all are but you can copy/paste it over to other teams easily.

Using cheat engine 6.7 right now and not sure what if any changes to get it working on newest cheat engine, have not tried yet.


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