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s000 76ers Wells Fargo Center
s001 bucks Bradley center
s002 wizards capital one center
s003 bulls united center
s004 Cavs quicken loans
s005 Celtics TD bank garden
s006 clippers staples center
s008 Grizzlies FedEx forum
s009 Hawks Philips arena
s010 Heat aaa
s011 pelicans smoothie king arena
s012 jazz viva smart arena
s013 kings golden 1 arena
s014 knicks msg
s015 lakers staple center
s016 magic Amway center
s017 Mavs aac
s018 nets Barclay center
s019 nuggets Pepsi center
s020 pacers bankers life field house
s021 pistions little ceasers arena
s022 raptors air Canada
s023 rockets Toyota center
s024 thunder Chesapeake bay arena
s025 spurs att center
s026 suns talking stick arena
s027 wolves target center
s028 blazers moda center
s029 warriors oracle arena

s031 charlotte hornets spectrum center
s032 generic all-star arena
s034 air Canada 2016 all-star arena

S551 85-86 bulls Chicago stadium
s552 86 Boston garden
s553 87-93 Chicago stadium
s554 86-87 hawks Omni Coliseum
s555 80-90 Cavs coliseum
s556 89-90 palace of auburn hills
s557 90-91 la forum
s558 90-91 blazers Coliseum
s559 95-98 bulls united center
s560 94-95 MSG
s562 95-96 sonics Seattle center
s564 97-98 delta center
s569 64-65 Boston garden
s570 64-65 la lakers sports arena
s571 70-71 bucks arena
s574 71-72 knicks msg
s575 76-77 76ers spectrum
s576 84-85 bucks meeca
s578 86-87 la forum
s583 90-91 GSW
s585 70-71 hawks
s586 92-93 charlotte hornets Coliseum
s588 93-94 nuggets
s589 93 -94 rockets
s590 94-95 magic Orlando arena
s591 97-98 lakers la forum
s592 97- 98 spurs alamo dome
s593 01-02 kings arco arena
s595 00-01 sixers Wachovia center

s614 Blue skyline
s616 blacktop court
s620 99-00 raptors air Canada
s621 99-00 blazers rose garden
s622 00-01 lakers staple center
s623 02-03 Mavs aac
s624 03-04 pistions palace of auburn hills
s625 03 - 04 wolves target center
s626 04-05 suns America west arena
s627 05 - 06 heat aaa
s628 06-07 Cavs quicken loans arena
s629 07-08 Celtics td bank garden
s630 07-08 rockets Toyota center
s631 12-13 heat aaa
s635 01-02 nets continental airlines arena
s656 2K18 MyCourt Highrise Day

s700 Orlando magic practice/ summer league
s701 Las Vegas Summer League
s727 Gatorade Practice facility
s729 2k15 practice gym
s731 My career team practice facility
s800 generic old cat arena
s849 MyTeam Card reveal arena (cool / different
s850 menu environment (cool)
s851 edit myplayer environment
s852 Nashville stars arena
s853 Pittsburgh force arena
s854 kc knights arena
s855 Virginia storm arena
s856 Vancouver ravens arena
s857 San Diego surf arena
s858 Cincinnati lions arena
s859 Baltimore barons arena
s860 Louisville liberty arena
s861 St Louis sound arena

s905 Ante up court
s908 House Rules
s911 Mtn dew 3x
s912 Neighborhood
s914 Ruffles 4pt challenge

f569 64-65 celtics
f570 64-65 lakers
f571 70-71 bucks
f572 86-87 lakers
f574 71-72 knicks
f575 76-77 76ers (extra?)
f576 84-85 bucks
f578 86-87 lakers
f583 90-91 GSW
f585 70-71 hawks
f586 92-93 hornets
f588 93-94 nuggets
f589 93-94 rockets
f590 94-95 magic
f591 97-98 lakers
f592 97-98 spurs
f593 01-02 kings
f594 76-77 76ers
f595 00-01 sixers

f620 99-00 raptors
f621 99-00 blazers
f622 00-01 lakers
f623 02-03 mavs
f624 03-04 pistions
f625 03-04 wolves
f626 04-05 suns
f627 05-06 heat
f628 06-07 cavs
f629 07-08 celtics
f630 07-08 rockets
f631 12-13 heat
f632 96-97 heat
f633 98-99 knikcs
f635 01-02 nets
f636 04-05 spurs
f637.06-07 warroirrs
f639 07-08 nuggets
f640 07-08 hornets
f641 10-11 bulls
f642 11-12 mavs
f643 07-15 hawks
f644 11-12 knicks

f700 orlando magic practice/ summerleague court
f701 Las Vegas summer League
f727 Gatorade Practice facility
f729 2k15 practice facility
f731 Mycareer team practice facility

f800 2k sports
f849 2k sports (extra?)
f850 blank gray court
f851 blank blue-gray court
f852 Nashville stars arena
f853 Pittsburgh force arena
f854 kc knights arena
f855 Virginia storm arena
f856 Vancouver ravens arena
f857 san Deigo surf arena
f858 cinnicitti lions arena
f859 bailtmore barons arena
f860 Louisville liberty arena
f861 st Louis sound arena
f905 Ante up court
f908 House Rules
f911 Mtn dew 3x
f914 Ruffles 4pt challenge
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