• NBA2K18 名单评分修改工具
  • NBA2K18 名单评分修改工具
  • NBA2K18 名单评分修改工具
  • NBA2K18 名单评分修改工具
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    2017-10-16 14:14

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    2017-10-16 14:14

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    2017-10-16 14:08

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Greetings Roster Makers!

Today I'd like to tell you about an application I'm creating that converts real NBA stats into NBA 2K18 stats, at the click of a mouse. This is the NBA 2k18 Rating Generator. Right now you can convert the stats for Outside Shooting (Mid-Ranged, 3pt Shooting, Shot I.Q., Offensive Consistency, Shot Close, Draw Foul), Layups (Standing and Driving Layup), and Defending (On-Ball/Low Post, Blocks, and Steals).


~ Attribute generators for Scoring, Defending, Playmaking, and Rebounding.
~ Attribute formulas created by using NBA stat leaders, and 2k base roster rating.
~ Tutorials on how to find and enter each stat to correctly get a rating.
~ Interactive menu's and interfaces.
In Progress:
~ Tendency generators based on NBA stats.
~ Badge generators based on NBA stats.
~ The ability to generate a whole player (with capped attribute allocation based on PER, PPG and ect).
~ The ability to generate an entire team (with capped overalls based on amount of team's wins and playoff series).

09-29-17 - 0.0.1: Application was released.
10-03-17 - 0.0.2: Rebounding and Passing generators were added. Many backgrounds of player art have been updated.
10-08-17 - 0.0.3: Every video tutorial was published and added to the application.
10-15-17 - 0.1.0: The defensive generators were overhauled and are much more accurate. Low Post and On-Ball Defenses are now generated using Defensive Rating, Defensive Win Shares, and Defensive Plus/Minus along with a new video tutorial to aid the use of it. Three tendency generators have been added including Shot tendency, Touches tendency, and Dish to Open man tendency. They now use Shot attempts, Usage rate, and Assists per game. Updated the starting help menu to fit the new controls of the application, the ability to skip the menu has also been added. Added a generator for creating a stamina rating that uses total minutes and games. Added a Defensive Consistency rating generator using DRtg, as well as added a guide for how to correctly rate Offensive and Defensive Consistencies. Created an Overall Durability generator using amount of games a player had played.


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